S-Series DVRT's

240 IPS - 32 Channel
240 IPS - 16 Channel
120 IPS - 32 Channel
120 IPS - 16 Channel (expandable to 32 Channels / S24032)
60 IPS - 16 Channel (expandable to 32 Channels / S12032)
30 IPS - 4 Channel






Live Audio / Two-Way Voice / Auto Internet Update
Point of Sale / PDA and Smart Phone Compatible
Digital Video Recorder Transmitters





















The S-Series DVRT's are designed to be 100% integrated with Central Station Monitoring Software. Existing Central Station Software handles the alarm from the alarm panel and the operator with the touch of a button verifies the alarm with video transmitted from the DVRT. The Operator has full control of the DVRT from the Central Station. Any Central Station utilizing MAS Mastermind or DICE software can upgrade their central station software to  integrate seamlessly with S-Series DVRT's.

Digital Video Recorders Transmitters allow remote viewing of live and recorded images from anywhere in the world. Analog Video Surveillance Systems were the standard in the past. Todayís technology: Digital Systems outperform Analog in areas of: Ease of Operation, Speed to Search for Incident, Increase of Storage Capability, Less Failure, Increased Video Quality, Remote Capabilities, and Portability. Cascadia offers many different DVRT systems from entry level to advanced. Each system is configured with Intel Server technology. (Each DVRT can be built to meet your hard drive specifications.)

The entire Cascadia DVRT Family from the S304T to the SHW48016R were designed to eliminate the guessing game related to Digital Video Recording. Most all the DVRTís operate on the same software, only the hardware changes, making affordability its greatest asset. This philosophy provides key results: Low Cost, User Friendly, Easily Upgradeable, Maximum Performance, and Reliable Operation.

What are the benefits of a Digital Video Recorder Transmitter? 


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